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Cosmetica offers the new Macrolane™ Breast Reshaping Procedure. This exciting new treatment offers regeneration of body contours and volume restoration for women and men alike.
Macrolane™ VRF injection is an innovative product currently indicated for volume restoration and shaping of body surfaces, for example, the breast, calves and buttocks. Macrolane can also even out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example those caused by liposuction.
Gracefully shapes your body, minimal downtime & no general anaesthetic
Advantages of Macrolane™:
  • Offers you a naturally looking fuller, firmer and shaped breast
  • Provides a non-invasive alternative to enhance breasts without the need for hospitalisation
  • Local anaesthetic - no general anaesthetic or surgery risks
  • Instant predictable results
  • Minimal downtime compared to major surgery
Macrolane™ Shaping in 45 Minutes
Following the free initial consultation in the clinic the procedure can be completed within 45 minutes allowing you to leave with a naturally enhanced and firmer contour of the breast. In ongoing clinical studies the product has been shown to last from 12 to 18 months after which a yearly top-up may be required to maintain the desired shape and volume.
Frequently Ask Questions about Macrolane™
What is Macrolane™?
Macrolane™ is based on Q-Med's unique patented NASHA™ technology (Stabilized Non-Animal Hyaluronic Acid) which has been used in over 9 million treatments in over 70 countries worldwide. Use of NASHA™ has been clinically proven and well documented in facial aesthetics for over 10 years The NASHA™ Gel is used for volume restoration and contouring of the body surfaces.
What is NASHA™?
Stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid (NASHA™) is unique to Q-MED. Naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid (HA) undergoes a process where less than one percent is stabilized to form a permanent three-dimensional HA network without damaging the original chemical structure. This stabilization process produces a biologically degradable NASHA™ gel that carries minimal risk of allergic reaction or transmission of infectious substances and enables a longer durability.
How is Macrolane™ VRF used?
Macrolane™ has been specifically developed for volume restoration and contouring of body surfaces. Macrolane™ can be used on both male and female clients. Macrolane™ VRF is used specifically in areas such as:
  • Breast Shaping
  • Trauma and surgical scars
  • Buttock shaping
  • Calves
  • Muscle definition
How is the treatment performed?
The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in a clean environment similar to a minor surgery theatre, only requiring between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the site and quantity of gel injected.
Macrolane™ could be the treatment for you if you are:
  1. Pre-pregnancy ladies in their late teens+ with a size A cup who would like to go to a B/C or from size B to a C/D
  2. Ladies in their 30's-60's, most likely following pregnancy and breast feeding, with size A and B cup breasts that may have lost their shape and volume wanting to restore their original breast shape and fullness.
  3. Men or women who want to shape or add volume to their buttocks
  4. Men who want to shape and enhance their chest/pectorals and calves and add muscle definition
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