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Laser and IPL hair removal
Hair removal treatment using Lasers or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is non-invasive, painless and effective to permanently reduce unwanted hair. 
Cosmetica provides a caring professional service using state-of-the-art equipment to achieve long lasting results in Laser and IPL Hair Removal. We have the full range of latest laser technology to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.
Why have hair removal?
  • Get rid of unwanted hair on face, under-arms, body, bikini line, legs.
  • Avoid using other treatments e.g. shaving, waxing, electrolysis.
  • Improve self-confidence and quality of life.
Laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal uses pulses of light directed at the hair follicle (growing hair). The greater the amount of pigment in the hair follicle the better the light is absorbed and more heat is transferred to the hair follicle. By heating up the hair follicle this causes it to shrink and / or die. Initially, hair growth is reduced,becoming lighter and thinner.
Multiple Hair Removal treatments are required as only growing hair follicles (anaphase) can be treated. About 1/3 of your hair follicles are resting (telophase) and will not be affected by the Hair Removal treatment.
Commonly, Hair Removal treatment sessions are required to provide a long lasting reduction in hair growth depending on the area of the body.
Hair Removal with the Laser or IPL  is carried out in the Clinic, is relatively painless (slight stinging) and extremely safe.
Remember Hair Removal treatment will not change you or solve any life crises, but should boost your self-confidence and enjoyment of life.
At your consultation, your goals, skin type and hair quality will determine your suitability for hair removal and the optimum programme for you to achieve the best results.
Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can also treat:
  • Facial vessels
  • Acne and Acne scaring
  • Age spots Sun damage
  • Facial rejuvenation and Photofacial




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