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How to Find a Plastic Surgeon

The best way to select your plastic surgeon is to do your own detailed research. Take your time and look for as many details and facts as you can.
Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Medcine is regarded as rather lucrative and a lot of doctors not qualified in Plastic Surgery try to get into it in one way or another worldwide. So be wary of qualifications.
Check the qualifications and whether they are truely qualified and accredited in Plastic Surgery and if so the level of their qualifications eg UK Accredited Consultant, CCST UK in Plastic Surgery, American Board Certified, FRCSPlast.
Be weary of inferior qualifications.
Arrange consultations with a few plastic surgeons and see how you feel with their assessment and advice. This helps you assess the level of professionalism. Don't be afraid to ask about their training and qualifications.
Try and see real examples of their work. Do NOT trust before and after pictures, as pictures can belong to other surgeons. Make sure you like the results of the doctor's work and that you feel you have a good rapport with him or her. That way, you have made a rational, informed decision for yourself.
Don't just blindly take someone else's recommendation. Anyone who refers you to a plastic surgeon has far less at stake in the outcome than you do, so it's up to you to take responsibility for finding the best doctor.
Be careful with a recommendation from a satisfied patient. That patient might be satisfied with the results he or she achieved, not knowing that a different doctor could have done much, much better.
A reasonable source of information may be your beautician second only to doing your own research. Your beautician or hair stylist is in the appearance business, sees the scars and the results, isn't afraid to talk to the clients, and probably has seen and compared the work of many of the local plastic surgeons. If your beautician is experienced, it's not a bad place to start.
Your doctor may be able to suggest names however a family doctor is unlikely to be able to have had the time to assess aesthetic results and his opinion may be simply the surgeon he or she knows or is familiar with. A family doctor can help you assess qualifications like for example FRCSPlast., CCST and UK accreditation in Plastic Surgery etc.
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